Epicardial Technologies Inc. (ETI) is focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary percutaneous (minimally invasive) single use products for use by the electrophysiologist to access and treat the heart via the epicardial surface. Treatment of cardiovascular electrical abnormalities including atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, and myocardial scarring (the consequence of heart attacks (MI)) are being addressed.

Epicardial Technologies' first suite of products will address epicardial access, protection and treatment facilitating the electrophysiologist's ability to perform cardiac ablations more efficiently and with a higher degree of safety and effectiveness. In 2008, the world market for electrophysiology disposables and equipment was $1.3Bil growing at 25% CAGR.

In the longer term, ETI is pursuing a line of proprietary devices that will deliver therapeutics to the epicardial surface of the heart for the purpose of healing damaged tissue. The Company believes its products have the potential to transform the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and become a new standard of care by offering enabling technologies that are more therapeutically effective.

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